NOTE: The most important thing to remember when using Zaino is that a little goes a long way, you want to use the least amount of polish possible, this way you will get better results and your products will last much longer.
Q: I have never used Zaino. Which products should I order?
A: First of all, you'll need to know if your vehicle's finish has a clear coat or not. To find out, just put a little mild abrasive polish on a cotton cloth and rub a small spot on the finish. If you see residue on the rag that is the color of your vehicle's finish, you do not have a clear coat.

For clear coated vehicles, I'd suggest ordering one each of Zaino Z-1 Polish Lok or ZFX, Z-2 Show Car Polish for clear coats, Z-5 for Swirls, Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray and Z-7 Car Wash, you also should look at  Z-18 Clay Bar for the best finish.

For non-clear coated vehicles, just substitute Z-3 Show Car Polish for regular paints in place of the Z-2 Show Car Polish. We also offer complete kits for total car care, see our order form.


Q: I can’t decide on Z-1 or ZFX, should I purchase both of them?
A: Do not purchase both; ZFX replaces the need for Z-1. The difference between the two products are Z-1 is applied to the car, then on top of your Z-1 you apply your Zaino polish (Z-2, Z-3 or Z-5) , then you remove them as one, with ZFX you mix your Zaino polish (Z-2, Z-3 or Z-5) in the supplied mixing bottles found in the ZFX Kit with your ZFX, you apply that to your car as a one step product, saving you one complete step. ZFX will give you a brighter, harder finish, and faster drying time, something that Z-1 cannot do.


Q: Where do I get Zaino? Is it in stores?
A: Zaino products are available directly from Zaino Bros.' or from an Authorized Zaino distributor. These products maybe purchased from H. Carl Voellm at 215-938-0991 or e-mail us at  to order direct, simply print and fill out the order form, and mail it, along with a check or money order to the address shown on the order form. Your order will ship via UPS the same day payment is received.


Q: My paint is faded or has oxidation, will Zaino polishes fix that?
A: No, Zaino polishes although called a “polish” are really a high tech synthetic polymer that does not contain any ABRASIVES or cleaners. If you have oxidation or your paint is faded, you will need to get your paint in good shape with a product like Zaino Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleanser and Swirl Remover, or 3M Scratch and Swirl Remover. Zaino Z-PC or 3M SSR can be applied by hand, but worker better with a buffer like a Porter Cable.


Q: Ok, I just received my Zaino products. What should I do to my paint before applying my Zaino?

A: The first thing you should do is wash your vehicle thoroughly with Dawn (or comparable) dish soap to remove any wax, grease, and oil from your paint. Then, my recommendation is to use Z-18 Clay bar to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as rail dust, tree sap, bug marks, or hard water deposits from the paint before applying any of your Zaino products. Using Clay is optional, but it really does make a difference!


Q: I know I apply Z-1 Polish Lok first, but how long do I need to let it haze? The Z-1 is hard to see. How do I know it's hazed?

A: Z-1 Polish Lok doesn't really haze like ordinary products. If you are applying Z-1 to the entire vehicle, by the time you have applied it all the way around, the Z-1 has had plenty of time to haze. Z-1 is hard to see on some colors, but if it has been on the paint for a minute or so, it is ready for Zaino polish. You do not need to use Z-1 if you are using ZFX.


Q: Do I remove Z-1 Polish Lok before applying Zaino polish?

A:  No, You apply Zaino Show Car Polish (Z-2), or (Z-5) right on top of the hazed Z-1. A good analogy for this is to think of Z-1 as base coat, and Show Car Polish as clear coat.


Q: How long do I let the Z-1 and Z-2 Polish, or Z-5 for Swirls, dry before removing it? How do I know it's dry?

A: I recommend waiting a minimum of an hour, since there are actually two coats of material trying to dry on the paint. Also, keep in mind that cool temperatures and high humidity can slow the drying process. If you have access to a garage, you can let Zaino polish dry overnight before removing the residue. This insures that it is completely dry.

The way to tell whether or not the polish is ready to remove is to take your finger and rub a spot. If the polish smears, it isn't dry. If it wipes away cleanly, it's ready to be removed. If you start removing the residue and it is smeary, just stop and wait another half-hour and try again. When Zaino polish is dry, it wipes off almost effortlessly.

Note: Drying times are much faster with the use of ZFX


Q: How long should I wait before applying the next coat?

A: You should wait twenty-four hours before applying the next coat of polish. Be sure to wipe the paint down with Zaino Z-6 Gloss Enhancer just before applying each coat after the first application for best results. If you are using ZFX you can apply up to 3 coats in one day, and there is no waiting in between coats.


Q: Everybody says I should wait 24 hours between coats. If I apply a coat of polish and wait over night, or longer before removing Zaino polish, do I wait another 24 hours from the time I remove the residue before applying another coat?

A: Yes. After removing a coat of polish, you can apply the next coat after 8 hours if the temperature is above 70 degrees f. if it is below 70 degrees, you should wait the full 24 hours after removing the previous coat for optimal results.

Note: If using ZFX you can apply up to 3 coats in a 24-hour period.


Q: I wiped my paint down with Z-6, but I have streaks. Why?

A: Chances are you used too much Z-6. Z-6 is SUPER CONCENTRATED and you should be able to wipe down an average size car with less than one ounce! Apply Z-6 sparingly, and work in small sections, rubbing the Z-6 until it dries and gets slick. Also, turn your towel often to be sure that you are not using a section of it that may be wet with Z-6.


Q: My Z-6 streaks when applied on a hot car finish, what can I do?

A: You can dilute Z-6 with distilled water up to 50%, many people do this for outdoor car shows, and it slows the Z-6 drying time down to allow you to remove the Z-6 without streaks.


Q: Z-2, Z-3, or Z-5 is taking hours to dry. What's wrong?

A: Sounds like you applied it too heavily. A neat trick that helps you get even coats without having to load the polish up on the paint is to lightly dampen your applicator pad with water, spray a couple mists of Z-6 on it, then put a few thin stripes of polish on it and spread the polish evenly across the face of the pad with your fingers. The object of applying the polish to your car is to get on thin, even coats. Putting it on heavy only wastes polish, and slows the dry time.

Also, keep in mind that cool temperatures or high humidity can lengthen the drying time of Zaino polishes.


Q: What is the best way to remove the polish residue?

A: The safest way to remove the residue from your paint is with white, made in USA, 100% cotton name brand large bath towels. Get them in the bath section at any major department store. The towels that you find in auto parts stores or the auto sections of the department stores are usually not made in the USA, and even though they say they are 100% cotton, but they are not. Anything other than 100% pure white cotton may scratch your paint finish. You should use white towels because the dyes in colored towels can leave a chemical residue on the paint, and cause streaking. Also, it's important to either remove the stitched borders from your towels, or keep the towels folded in a way that keeps the borders away from the paint. The borders (edges or designs) can scratch your paint, as they may not be 100% cotton.

Wash your towels in hot water, and with a liquid detergent, like liquid Tide, or ALL. Avoid using powdered detergents, Bleach or any kind of Fabric softeners, as these products will leave a chemical residue on your towels that will cause streaking and scratching. DF cotton microfiber towels are another good option; see our web site for more information


Q: Can I use an orbital polisher to apply/remove Zaino polish?

A: Yes, you can use an orbital to apply Zaino Z-2, Z-3, or Z-5. I don't recommend it because you waste too much polish that way. The pad on an eleven-inch polisher can absorb almost enough polish to coat your entire vehicle. Each time you use an orbital to apply Zaino polish, you are probably wasting as much polish, if not more than you actually applied to the car.

Zaino polish applies easily by hand, especially if you dampen the applicator pad with water and sprits it with Z-6 before applying it.

If you use an orbital to remove the residue, you should place a white, 100% cotton towel between the pad and the paint, and keep it turned and refolded often so that you are removing the residue with a clean section of towel all the time.


Q: I am out of Zaino Car Wash, what should I use?

A: You can use any Car Wash soap, just make sure that your wash DOES NOT contain any waxes, many car wash products contain carnauba wax, and this can cause streaking and leave a film.


Q: I still have swirl marks after several coats of Z-5, what should I do next?

A: I suggest getting Zaino Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleanser and Swirl Remover or 3M Scratch and Swirl Remover (you can find at most Pep Boys Stores), this is an abrasive product and will remove swirl marks, its best used with a buffer, but can be used by hand.

Q: Does Z-8 replace Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray?
A:  No. For most detailers, both Z-8 and Z-6 play important roles in the overall gloss and protection of your vehicles finish.

Q: When would I use Z-8 verses Z-6?
A:  Z-6 would continue to be used for quick details to remove dust and soil between washes as well as for daily maintenance. Z-8 would be used for the extra protection and that extra zing in gloss needed for special occasions.

Q: Can I layer an application of Z-8 over Z-6?
A:  Sure. Some have chosen a quick wipe down with Z-6 prior to a final detail using Z-8 to achieve added gloss, remember Zaino products are concentrated; a little goes a long way.

Q: Can I use Z-8 daily on my vehicle’s finish?
A: Yes, but for many of our customers, it is simply not cost effective to use Z-8 daily. Like a very fine wine, some may decide to have it every evening at dinner, yet others choose to save the finest for only special occasions. It is really up to you.

Q: Do I use Z-8 or Z-6 between coats of Zaino Show Car Polishes (Z-2 PRO, Z-3 and Z-5 PRO)?
A: Either Z-6 or Z-8 will achieve fantastic results. For our more budget conscious customers, outstanding results have and will continue to be attained using Z-6 prior to each application of Zaino polish. We are spoiled; we use Z-8 all the time.

Q:  Can Zaino products be applied in direct sunlight?
A: Yes, but for best results make sure the surface is cool to the touch, also watch any debris that the wind may deposit on your cars finish, this could cause scratches upon buffing your Zaino polish off.

Q: Does Z-PC replace Z-5?
A:  No. Z-5 is not an abrasive and can be used as often as you like. Z-PC contains diminishing abrasives that are not intended for frequent use on paint finishes. Z-PC also does not have any protective qualities, so you must use a Zaino product like ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 for durable and long lasting protection.

Q: When would I use Z-PC verses Z-5?
A:  We prefer to attempt the least or non-abrasive process prior to moving on to Z-PC. If after 1 or 2 coats of Z-5, you are not satisfied with the surface condition, you will need to move onto Z-PC.

Q: Will Z-PC remove Zaino Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5?
A:  Yes. By its very nature as a diminishing abrasive, Z-PC breaks down the finish including Zaino polishes.

Q:  Does heat or cold effect Zaino products in terms of storage?
A:  Yes, in the winter store your products inside unless your garage is heated, in the summer keep them out of direct sunlight when storing, and do not keep them in the truck of your car.

Q:  Will cold or high heat affect my Zaino products?
A:  Yes , take your Zaino products inside during the winter months, like most car care products freezing will ruin them, also high heat will ruin them, do not keep them in your cars truck, the temp gets very hot during the summer months.

Z-CS Clear Seal

Q: How long does it take to apply Z-CS
A: It takes us about 5 minutes to complete the average vehicle.

Q: What is the shelf life of Z-CS?
A: 5+ years.

Q: How many applications can I get with one bottle of Z-CS?
A: As with most Zaino products, less is better. Somewhere between 1/8 to 1/4 oz of Z-CS is all it takes to complete an average vehicle including paint, wheels, trim, and glass. A new user typically will use closer to 1/4 oz. With 6 oz. of product, you should be able to get at least 24 coats per bottle, while a some more experienced users will see up to 48 coats per bottle.

Q: When I apply Z-CS, it looks very strange. Like, psychedelic. Is this normal?
A: Yes. This is normal, allow the product to dry. As Z-CS is applied and begins to dry, the optical effects may make the surface areas appear prismatic or rainbow like. This is normal. Do not remove, please allow Z-CS to dry and do its work.

Q: Does Z-CS replace Z-2 or Z-5 PRO?
A: No. Z-CS shares the gloss and wet look qualities of  Z-2 or Z-5 PRO, but the primary innovative difference is in extended durability, as well as an application technique that merely requires simple wipe on application. This saves you time and energy. Just apply and let dry!

Q: Can Z-CS be used on trim or porous plastic surfaces, like on a Chevy Avalanche's cladding?
A: Yes. Zaino Clear Seal works very well on surfaces including porous trim or plastic. Z-CS will protect the color and condition of the surfaces and help prevent fading or discoloration.

Q: Is Z-CS a quick detail spray?
A: No. Z-CS is a true polymer synthetic protectant like Z-2 or Z-5 PRO, with long term gloss and durability of up to 9 months. And super simple application!

Q: Can Z-CS be used over another manufacturer's product?
A: Sure. While results may vary, we are aware that some beta testers used Z-CS over fully cured wax products with excellent results. Z-CS did increase gloss and durability over other manufacturer products. If you'd like to experiment yourself, make sure the product that you're applying Z-CS to has fully cured. As a general rule however, you should not apply Z-CS while any other manufacturer's product is not fully cured. We cannot offer other manufacturer specific cure times, but generally it can take 8-12 hours after application.  Z-CS was designed and engineered for use with Zaino Show Car Polish Products.

Q: Is ZFX required with Z-CS?
A: No. You may use Z-CS as the bond or base coat to the paint prior to an initial application of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO. You will not need ZFX if you're using Z-CS unless you decide to use ZFX with Z-2 or Z-5 PRO to accelerate cure time for multiple successive coats of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO.

Q: Can I use Z-CS over Z-2 or Z-5 PRO without enabling Z-2 or Z-5 PRO with ZFX?
A: Yes. Follow up Z-2 or Z-5 PRO with Z-CS as a final coat. Z-CS will properly bond and cross link the Z-2 or Z-5 PRO.

Q: Can Z-CS be layered over Z-2 or Z-5 PRO?
A: Yes. Our testing has shown excellent results by using Z-CS over layers of Z-2 and/or Z-5 PRO.

Q: Can Z-2 or Z-5 PRO be layered over Z-CS?
A: Yes, but for maximum gloss and durability, Z-CS should be the final protectant product after new coats of Z-2 and/or Z-5 PRO. Using Z-CS over Z-2 or Z-5 PRO gives you the ultimate in gloss and protection.

Q:How long does Z-CS take to dry or cure?
A: Drying and curing are two different processes. Depending on atmospheric conditions, it typically takes 15-30 minutes for a properly applied layer of Z-CS to dry, but can take up to several hours with low ambient temperatures, moisture, and high humidity. Full cross linking (curing) generally takes anywhere from 2-6 hours, again, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Q: Can Z-CS be layered over itself?
A: Yes, as long as the product is fully dried and cured prior to applying additional layers.

Q: I am a dedicated Zaino user. How will I incorporate Z-CS into my current vehicle protectant maintenance using my other Zaino products?
A: You can:

Use Z-CS by itself, without any other product or
Use Z-CS to top and extend the durability of a single coat of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO or
Use Z-CS as a base for Z-2 or Z-5 PRO, then follow up with a final application of Z-CS or
Use Z-CS to top multiple layers of ZFX enabled Z-2 or Z-5 PRO or
Use Z-CS to top layers of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO (without ZFX, curing can take 8 hours between coats).

Q: How much Z-AIO will I use to apply to my car?
A: On an average vehicle, we use less than 1 oz. of Z-AIO when applied by hand. We use Z-AIO on all paint, glass, plastic, wheels, chrome, or any non-porous surfaces

Q: How often should I apply Z-AIO?
A: For daily driven vehicles, customers who use Z-AIO by itself should apply 3 to 4 times per year for maximum protection.

Q: Does Z-AIO replace Z-1?
A: Yes. While there are differences between each product, Z-AIO adds many more benefits, thus retiring Z-1. Z-AIO contains some cleaning agents, as well as enough gloss & protectant to be a true one product solution for some customers. Z-1 required the use of a subsequent protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, while Z-AIO does not.

Q: Can I use the ZFX additive with Z-AIO?
A: Yes. While ZFX is not required for use with Z-AIO, ZFX will heighten gloss & slickness, and extend the durability of Z-AIO. If you choose to use ZFX with Z-AIO, use the same ZFX instructions as you would with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

Q: What if I want to apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO?
A: You will certainly be very happy with the results. As curing is not required with Z-AIO when used with our protectants, you can apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO immediately after wiping the residue of Z-AIO.

For subsequent applications of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, ZFX is not required unless you want to apply multiple coats of product in quick succession (this is a benefit of using ZFX). Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO without ZFX can optionally be applied no more than once every 8-12 hours. However, if you choose to apply ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO, follow the respective directions for those Zaino protectants.

Q: Will I need ZFX for use with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO after using Z-AIO?
A: Not unless you plan to accelerate cure time and apply multiple coats of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO within a 12 hour period. After using Z-AIO initially, you may continue to apply layers of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO as long as you continue to see beading as a sign of durability, without needing Z-AIO as a pre-cleaner or conditioner.
However, most daily driven vehicles can probably benefit from an occasional use of Z-AIO for its minor cleaning and correction of paint contaminants and defect.

Q: Can Z-AIO be layered?
A: I wouldn't. There would be little, if any, gain to layering Z-AIO as any later application would likely remove the benefit of the prior one. If you're trying to accomplish a greater depth of gloss and heightened protection with layering, it should be done with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

Q: Can Z-AIO be used with a random orbital buffer?
A: Sure. A lot of our beta testers use Z-AIO and a buffer with great success, but the developmental initiative was focused on ease of application and results when applied by hand.

Q: When would I use Z-AIO verses Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO?
A: Z-AIO is not in the same product category as Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO. Neither Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO contain any cleaners or abrasives. Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO achieve higher gloss and durability than can be attained with a single product that includes cleaners or abrasives. Most customers will choose to use Z-AIO as the foundation to other Zaino Show Car Polish protectants like Z-CS Clear Seal, or Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

Q: How does Z-AIO compare to Z-PC?
A: Z-AIO is a less abrasive product that contains gloss and durability, while Z-PC offers no protection and is more agressive. For minor oxidation and surface debris cleansing, Z-AIO can handle it. If it's necessary to work a little deeper to resolve more serious surface imperfections, Z-PC should be used. Use of Z-PC requires follow up with another protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, or even Z-CS Clear Seal, while Z-AIO does not.

Q: Should I use Z-AIO on painted plastic?
A: Definitely. You can and should use Z-AIO on nearly all exterior surfaces including: paint (including door jambs), glass, plastic lenses, wheels, chrome or any non-porous surfaces. Z-AIO will not stain or leave a residue.

Q: I use the full line of Zaino products to protect my vehicle. How does Z-AIO fit in?
A: Z-AIO can be used as a stand alone product. However, most customers will choose to incorporate Z-AIO into the system of Zaino protectant and maintenance products. Here are some suggestions:
Use Z-AIO by itself.
Use Z-AIO and top with Z-CS.
Use Z-AIO and top with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.
Use Z-AIO, with layers of Z-2 PRO and/or Z-5 PRO, and then top with Z-CS.

And for the most extreme enthusiast...
While not required, for the ULTIMATE in paint protection and an INCREDIBLE show car finish, use Z-AIO, followed by 2 coats of ZFX enabled Z-5 PRO, then 1 coat of Z-2 PRO (including a Z-6 wipe down between coats) and finish off with an application of Z-CS. Wait 12 hours, then wipe down the vehicle with Z-8. Get your sunglasses out, the gloss may be blinding.

Maintain and extend the wet gloss and durability by using Z-7 Show Car Wash with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal.

Note: A single orbital pad WILL NOT remove the polish residue from an entire vehicle. You will have smears if you don't use a towel and turn and refold it frequently.

Please, feel free to e-mail me, if you need more specific help or your question was not covered here. For technical questions, please call H. Carl Voellm or e-mail me at or visit our web site at