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Sheepskin Wash & Polish Mitt
Wash or Polish your car/truck with soft nonabrasive 100% American Sheepskin will not scratch or damage the finest finish.  Available with and without thumb. We hand selected the pelts that were used to manufacturer these mitts for us in the USA.

They vary slightly from mitt to mitt because the wool is natural and the mitts are handmade. $12.99



Invisible Glass
Invisible Glass cleans windshields, windows, and mirrors so well, you'll think they're invisible. Other glass cleaners use water and "foamy" surfactants or soaps. These inexpensive ingredients remove basic dirt, but leave "streaky" residues that are difficult or impossible to remove. Invisible Glass cleans fast with a powerful, non-streaking, non-abrasive formula. It evaporates 100% and contains NO surfactants, soaps, or foams. It's even safe for aftermarket tinted windows!

More Shine - Less Time
More Shine Less Time for Tires (MSLT) is the fastest and easiest way to make your tires look their best. This long-lasting, spray-on coating makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. MSLT is preferred by professional auto detailers, finicky car collectors, car dealers, and other enthusiasts who care about their vehicles! Here's why...
MSLT is not a messy foam or drippy liquid. This easy-to-use aerosol needs no wiping. Apply 1 coat for a dull satin finish, 2 coats for high gloss. Takes just 15 seconds per tire, won't harm wheels or paint, and gives UV protection.

Have you noticed that tar, sap, grease, and other road grime is accumulating on the exterior of your vehicle? It will damage your car's finish and dull your paint if you don't remove it. It won't wash off with soap and water. Detergents can't remove it. What can you do? You need the solution preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, and enthusiasts. You need Tarminator.

Trim Shine
Trim Shine is an easy-to-use, spray-on coating that instantly shines and brightens dull or faded plastic, vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. Trim Shine restores color and brilliance to bumpers, running boards, door trim, convertible tops, dashboards, seating, AC vents, hoses, door gaskets, and more.  It even hides ugly white wax marks on black exterior trim.

Microfiber Detailing Towel
Super plush, same super softness on both sides. Great detailing towel for use with detail sprays, as well as being super absorbent and streak free. Size 16" x 24" Now Edgeless/Border Free


SNOW WHITE® Heavy-Duty Chenille Wash Mitts
100% Cotton Chenille - Long lasting and highly absorbent. Double-faced, heavy-duty mitt for home or professional use. Holds an abundance of soap and water for fast, efficient cleaning.
6.00" x 10.00" (Includes Cuff) or 8.00" x 11.00" (Includes Cuff)




Microfiber detailing cloth
16" x 24" - Detailing Cloth
The unique waffle weave allows for safe and superior detailing of your vehicle. Detail your entire car with this super absorbent towel. Cleans and dusts without chemicals. Washes and dries spot free.




Tire Dresser Applicators

Poly foam sponge. Used for applying tire protectants and dressings. Features slits on the side for easy grip.




Blonde Borderfree Towel (3 pack)

The most LUXURIOUS, SOFT, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE towel available anywhere!

• Unique Borderfree design won’t scratch
• Efficient buffing of product leaving amazing finish
• Safe for all finishes including the finest in the world
• 16" x 16"

GREAT for use with ZAINO detail sprays and for removing ZAINO residues

We've spent years anxiously, but patiently developing the Zaino Borderfree towel. Working directly with textile experts and manufacturers, hundreds of revisions later, we're able to EXCLUSIVELY bring a towel to you that finally meets our standards.

Borders scratch. We analyzed 1000's of towels from every major manufacturer and reseller. We found several available edge treatments including overlocked, serged, blunt cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut, silk edge, microfiber edge, suede edge, satin edge, and many other combinations of style and material. They can all scratch.

Developing a towel to meet our standards of performance and quality has not been easy. The Zaino Borderfree towel is the perfect balance of performance and luxury.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Launder separately in warm water using liquid detergent, without any bleach or softeners. Air dry or tumble dry on low, without any dryer sheets. Do not iron. This towel will not scratch, however trapped grit or debris can scratch. As this towel is manufactured using a unique non-hemmed border-free process, some edge fraying is normal and can be trimmed with scissors.