Whether you are a beginner, a weekend detailer, or a certifiable car nut, Z-2 PRO™ is sure to impress you.  Z-2 PRO™ boasts the most advanced levels of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks those optical qualities in for months, thanks to the most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available.  Z-2 PRO™ was created to enhance the finish of any vehicle.

We engineered Z-2 PRO™ to be easy to use and long lasting while delivering sizzling looks that are sure to get you and your car noticed. Say good-bye to spending frequent weekends waxing and protecting your vehicle. Z-2 PRO™ provides months and months of protection with just a single application, and that is no exaggeration. Our testers have reported 6-plus months of honest protection in even the most extreme environments.

Z-2 PRO™ includes our most advanced sunscreen, Ultra-Guard™ UV (40) to protect against shrinking and fading caused by sun and ultra-violet light.Z-2 PRO™ is optically perfect and will not negatively impact the look of your vehicle. In fact, Z-2 PRO™ will do something no other product can do - it will show off your paint the way it was meant to be seen. Z-2 PRO™ contains advanced, state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives that will bring out the true color and clarity of your paint.

Z-2 PRO™ will not leave behind messy residue, and it will not stain your plastic trim or rubber pieces. Our special flex-additives help keep your paint resilient and elastic, and can breathe new life into dull or faded rubber and plastic trim pieces. And while a single application of Z-2 PRO™ should provide months of long lasting good looks, Z-2 PRO™ can be layered for even greater results. With each subsequent coat, the finish on your vehicle will become more glossy, more reflective and more deep.Z-2 PRO™ will give your vehicle's paint total environmental protection and a long lasting, impressive show car shine.

Simply put, it is the only protection your vehicle's paint will ever need. Z-2 PRO™ will out perform, out protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today, guaranteed! Try it today and find out what we are all so excited about.



Same molecular chemistry formula as Z-2 Show Car Polish above, but also includes a custom blend of emulsifiers to deep clean regular paints, which tend to oxidize, shrink and lose their resiliency quicker. Special filling agents for fine scratches, buffing and swirl marks and a flex agent that is compatible with single stage urethanes, lacquers, enamels, Lucite, emeron, acrylics and older paint formulations. One eight ounce bottle of Z-3 Show Car Polish will yield approximately eight to ten coats on a mid-size car.


Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches

And we guarantee that it's been worth the wait. Z-5 PRO represents the summit of modern paint care and protection technology, and boasts more shine, more gloss, more depth, more clarity, greater reflectivity, and improved swirl-hiding properties. All of which deliver increased performance over our already incredible Z-5 Show Car Polish.

Z-5 PRO is the perfect choice for detailing enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike. Thanks to its advanced, non-abrasive, micro-filler polymer technology, Z-5 PRO fills and hides minor surface imperfections even better than before - owners of dark cars (black, blue, green, red) will take delight in knowing that with just a few simple applications, swirl marks, spider webbing, and other surface headaches will become nothing more than a distant memory.

Speaking of memories, forget about spending hours and hours each weekend trying to perfect your vehicle's finish - Z-5 PRO is easy to use. There simply isn't a product that's easier and more effective to use than Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish. Our beta testers report being able to polish an entire car to perfection in less than 30 minutes with Z-5 PRO and our revolutionary ZFX catalyst.

Best of all, Z-5 PRO's mile-deep, crystal clear, mirror-like results will last and last, thanks to the most advanced polymer protectants available. Expect months of durability from Z-5 PRO, rather than weeks of quickly fading protection like those of our competitors.

Zaino's paint care systems have revolutionized the industry and set the bar for perfection to an all-time high - Z-5 PRO creates a finish that's simply unlike anything you've ever seen before, with unmatched durability, and unbeatable optical qualities.

And like all Zaino Show Car Polish protectants, you can layer Z-5 PRO for even greater results. Because Z-5 PRO contains no abrasives, it can be successfully layered, unlike other products that contain cleaners and cheap oils. Layering improves the uniformity of the surface, hides and fills imperfections even better, and will improve the gloss, depth, shine, and "wetness" of your vehicle's paint with each subsequent application.

Z-5 PRO delivers:
• Unbelievable levels of shine, gloss, depth, clarity, & reflectivity
• Enhanced swirl-hiding capabilities
• Unbeatable durability - lock in that show car shine for months
• Improved ease of use - wipe on, wipe off
• No dust, no staining, no streaking
• Greater value

Z-5 PRO also contains Zaino's proprietary, state-of-the-art Ultra-Gard UV-40 sunscreen protection to ensure that your vehicle's finish stays looking as brilliant and vibrant as the day it left the showroom.

So if you're looking to take your vehicle to "the next level," look no further than Zaino Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish. For the deepest black, the most brilliant blue, or the most captivating red, there is no alternative - Zaino Z-5 PRO will deliver stunning results that'll turn heads, drop jaws, and solicit envious looks no matter where you go or what you drive. It's that good.

The Z-5 PRO bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml)



Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray is a very important addition to the Show Car Polish line-up. This product dramatically boosts & intensifies all Show Car Polishes. Z-6 contains seven optical clarifiers and our unique wet gloss enhancers to increase the "wet-looking", mile-deep Show Car Polish shine. We highly recommend it for fast cleaning of dust, water spots and light soil from painted surfaces, without scratching. Forms a tough molecular bond with Show Car Polish to increase the depth of gloss, optical clarity, slickness, and durability and reinforce the UV (40) protection. Super anti-static formula reduces dust and dirt pickup by up to 60%. Z-6 will not streak, smear, haze, dull or leave a film. A must for quick touch-ups and the show winning edge. Concentrated 16-oz. spray. Less than one ounce does an average car.



A concentrated blend of special cleaners, UV blockers and Show Car Polish that actually condition and enhance the gloss of painted vehicles each time it is used. Does not contain detergent, alkalines or acids. Special water-based lubricant prevents dirt and soil from scratching the paint finish when washing. Unique foaming agents produce longer lasting, dirt-encapsulating suds. Rinses completely leaving a non-spotting, non-filming, streak-free, just polished look. Z-7 Show Car Wash was designed to deep clean and increase the paint gloss every time it is used.


Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal

Warning: Use of  Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal may cause you to attract more attention than you ever did before. As a result, it may take you longer to fuel-up your vehicle, run through the drive through, or pass the keys to the valet. Everyone will want to know what you're using on your car, and how you maintain that show car shine. Don't say we didn't warn you....

You've always known that Zaino Show Car Products create a look that is second to none, but with Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal , we've taken things to a whole new level. Make no mistake - Z-8 is not a Z-6 replacement. We've designed it to complement the Zaino product line by taking over where Z-6 left off.

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal  offers a unique opportunity to drastically enhance the shine, gloss, depth, slickness and protection of the Zaino system. Leaving for a car show and need an extra boost of gloss? Use Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal . Heading out on an extended road-trip and want a little extra protection from the elements? Bring along Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal .

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal  utilizes twenty-five new ingredients to bring you the highest level of shine, the deepest depths of gloss, the slickest feel, and the most protection available in any detail spray, period. But keep in mind, Z-8 isn't for everyone, and it hasn't been designed for everyday use. It's for those special occasions and extreme instances when you need extra performance from the Zaino Show Car Polish System.

If you're ready to take your paint to the next level and treat your eyes to the richest, most detailed paint they've ever seen, order a bottle of Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal  and prepare to be impressed.

Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal:

  • Leaves a high gloss, high shine, deep, rich, wet finish thanks to advanced optical-clarifying polymers
  • Leaves an ultra-slick finish that repels dust, dirt, environmental fallout and other stains
  • Locks in the improved looks and protection for weeks - not days
  • Contains anti-UV agents to protect your vehicle's finish against damaging sun rays
  • Is easy to use: wipe on, wipe off
  • Is intended for special occasions and events only; it is not a Z-6 replacement
  • Should be used in conjunction with the Zaino Show Car Polish System, including Z-2 PRO, Z-3 or Z-5

Application Instructions

  1. The vehicle should be relatively clean – Z-8 won't replace a car wash or even a typical quick detail spray. If your vehicle is dirty, wash it before using Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal.
  2. Use only 100% cotton, made in the USA towels. Most cars will require two towels. A 12" x 12" towel size is ideal.
  3. Working with a cool and dry surface, lightly spray an extremely thin mist of Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal on an area of your paint that is approximately 3' x 3’. Buff immediately with the dry side of your towel, turning frequently. 
  4. Do not allow Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal to dry on your finish. If Zaino Z-8 dries by itself, simply wipe down the affected area again. 

For best results, use Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal very sparingly. Like Z-6, a 1/2 ounce will do your entire car, including the rims. A 16-ounce bottle of Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal should detail your vehicle 20-30 times.



An alkaline-free, special blend of emulsifiers, mink oil and lanolin to safely clean all fine leather surfaces. It removes soil and stains without harming the natural oils in leather. Will not cause leather to crack, shrink or dry out. Z-9 will restore leather surfaces to like new condition. Perfect for all leather products. Excellent for vinyl too. After cleaning, Z-10 Leather in a Bottle™ Treatment and Conditioner is recommended to keep the leather supple, soft protected and enhance the leather scent.



Two years in the making & already rated number one in the industry. Z-10 Leather in a Bottle™ Treatment & Conditioner contains a perfectly balanced, solvent-free blend of special oils and other natural nutritives, which penetrates, softens and preserves the leather. We also added Ultra-Gard™ our total UV protector (40) and our exclusive real leather oil concentrate. This feeds and enhances the leather scent, to give your vehicle that great new leather smell. Just wipe on and let dry, no buffing is necessary. It leaves a non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, stain repelling, natural luster and restores the soft, supple feel, & smell of fine leather. Breathes new life into older leather. Does a great job on vinyl interiors and dashboards too. One whiff and you will agree its Leather in a Bottle™.



Finally, a glass cleaner and polish that really works. We have yet to find a stain that it did not remove. Formulated with modified cleaners and mild abrasives, that deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces. Removes acid rain, water spots, road film, stubborn stains, annoying interior glass film and fine to medium scratches. This product will remove plasticizing (the hazy film that attaches to the inside of the windshield on all late model vehicles) in one application. Leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling. You will think the glass disappeared. Will not scratch or distort glass. Great for restoring old windshields. Can also be used to clean chrome and metal surfaces. For hand or machine use. Not for use on painted or plastic surfaces.



Z-14 is designed to clean and protect all types of plastic surfaces without scratching. It can be used on clear or colored plastics from very thin films to very thick acrylics, lexan, abs, Plexiglas, etc. Z-14 deep cleans as it polishes and restores dull plastic to like new condition. It penetrates and seals tiny scratches and pores in plastic to increase surface clarity and reduce distortion. Z-14 is fast drying and leaves no sticky, oily or greasy residue. It creates an ultra-slick, anti-static, smudge free surface. Great for restoring old plastic lenses and other hard plastic parts. Not for use on vinyl surfaces.


For many years I have been dissatisfied with the tire dressings on the market. They are loaded with silicone oil. They are very greasy, oily and messy. They attract dirt and dust like a magnet, have no UV protection, can cause tire deterioration, give an unrealistic gloss and wash off as soon as the tire gets wet. The tire dressing always slings and gets onto the wheels and surrounding paint surface and causes discoloration and staining. I have yet to find one benefit to using this type of product. Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss is a non-oily, non-greasy, rubber protectant and finishing treatment. Its unique formula with Ultra-Gard™ UV (40) and anti-static properties prevent drying, cracking, browning and repels dust and dirt. Z-16 leaves an incredibly durable, water repellent, perfect looking satin finish that’s only slightly glossy and dry to the touch. Use on all exterior rubber, tires, moldings, plastic trim, weather-stripping, under hood hoses and more. Just wet a sponge with Z-16 and apply to the surface to be treated and let dry. It will last through rain and multiple washings. Z-16 is very durable and will last an average of 3 to 4 weeks on an outdoor car. Z-16 is not recommended for interior seats or vinyl tops.


Z-18 Clay bar

Z-18 Clay bar removes imbedded contamination from the paint finish that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods. Z-18 is non-abrasive and works like no cleaner, compound or chemical can and is safe for use on all paint finishes.

 The following contaminants are a general description of some of the contaminants that Z-18 Clay bar removes.

  • Rail dust- is actually tiny, sharp bare metal shavings that can adhere and imbed in the paint finish and cause serious damage when left untreated. Over 70% of new vehicles are transported from the factory using the rail system; therefore rail dust is present on new vehicles. There are many instances where a vehicle travels or is parked near a railroad in which case the finish is infected with rail dust.
  • Brake dust- similar to rail dust, brake dust is also in the form of tiny, sharp bare metal shavings. In recent years, asbestos brake pads were replaced with metallic brake pads, which are actually brake pads made from tiny metal or metallic shavings. Anytime a vehicle is braking; brake dust is disbursed into the air and onto the paint finish. Since the brake dust is now actually tiny particles of bare metal, this form of brake dust can seriously damage the paint finish when left untreated.
  • Industrial fallout- is the general term used for pollution and can be found in many forms. Eventually, pollution settles onto the paint finish of all vehicles and can cause serious damage when left untreated.
  • Tree sap, Road tar, Bug residue, Paint over spray, acid rain deposits and other contaminants that adhere and imbed into the paint finish can cause damage when left untreated. Contaminants that are left on the paint surface can weaken the protective properties and even cause serious damage to the paint finish after a short time.

Z-18 Clay bar is optional, but highly recommended as the ultimate way to truly clean the paint finish and prepare the surface for Zaino polish.


ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
ZFX™, with Flash Cure™  (patent pending), is a revolutionary new polish enhancement additive that's exclusive to the Zaino Show Car Polish system.  There's never been anything quite like ZFX™, and here's why:

All polish, sealant and wax protection systems must "cure" before they can effectively protect your paint.  Once cured, all paint protection systems begin to deteriorate.  The rate of deterioration depends on many factors, including the chemicals used, bonding qualities, weather, washing, and use of the car.
A very few specialty paint protection systems can be layered to increase protection and paint appearance.  Layer-able systems must cure prior to application of subsequent coats.  Depending on the product, cure time may take a few hours or a few days.
For lasting protection, most synthetic sealants are formulated to be hard.  If not properly designed, synthetic sealants may crack, yellow or distort the optics of the paint surface.  
ZFX™ is a Zaino Show Car Polish acceleration and appearance additive.  It offers near-instant cure time, reduced surface distortion, enhanced polish flexibility, and improved bonding to both paint and additional layers of Show Car Polish.  In simple terms, ZFX™ vastly improves paint surface appearance and increases polish durability.

ZFX™ is the product of more than 30 years experience painting show cars.  Professional painters add chemicals and compounds to their paint mix prior to painting to improve paint flexibility, reduce paint imperfections, increase hardness, and improve gloss.  We applied this same line of thinking in the development of ZFX™.  The result is a stunning professional show car finish with less effort, no waiting and longer-lasting results.

ZFX™ can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including Z-2, Z-3 and Z-5.  Plus, ZFX™ makes using Z-1 PreLok unnecessary on cars that have been clayed and thoroughly cleaned with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

When we say "acceleration," we mean it!  Adding ZFX™ to any one of our Show Car Polishes prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into afterburner.  The competition just can't compete... we'll shoot them down every time.  Perfect shine, less time -- guaranteed!

NOTE: You do not need to purchase Z-1 if your going to purchase ZFX, that is because ZFX takes the place of Z-1


CS Clear Seal

Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal is finally here after years in development. From conception to realization, the principal and design emphasis of Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal was quite fundamental - an advanced total synthetic polymer protectant that is simply wiped on, and that's it! Yes, achieve Zaino award winning gloss and protective durability in ONE simple wipe on step. Wipe on, and walk away, you're done. No buffing. No final wipe down. Simplicity at it's best. Just apply & let dry.Zaino is pioneering the industry with Z-CS, a self curing transparent sealer that doesn't require any buffing or final wiping. Z-CS dries clean and without residue. Use Z-CS on paint, glass, wheels, plastic, or trim for the protection, durability, slickness, and gloss that Zaino is most popular for. For up to 9 months protection, use Z-CS to top coat Zaino Show Car Polish protectants, or use Z-CS by itself. You can even use Z-CS as a top coat to add high-gloss and improved durability to ANY other manufacturer's product. Z-CS extends the gloss and durability of any previously applied products. Z-CS should never be applied over uncured waxes.You'll have to forgive our enthusiasm for the release of Z-CS. We are VERY proud to have accomplished the height of product simplicity with a no compromise approach to cutting edge development and industry leading gloss and durability. There simply is not another product like Z-CS in the industry.

Less than 1/4 ounce of Z-CS will complete an average sized vehicle.

The Z-CS bottle contains 6 fl. ozs. (177 ml.)


Note: Z-CS should be used very SPARINGLY. LESS than 1/4 oz can complete an average vehicle.

You will achieve the best results with Z-CS over clean and dry surfaces. Thoroughly clean and dry all surfaces.

Mist a #314 cotton applicator pad with Z-CS 1 time to preload the pad with product. Do not use an applicator pad that has been used with ANY other product. If you choose to reuse an applicator pad that has already been used with only Z-CS, store it in a sealed Ziploc style bag between uses. Holding sprayer about 4 inches from the surface, lightly spray Z-CS once directly onto the panel, avoiding any overspray. Work Z-CS into the paint evenly with the applicator pad using overlapping motions one section (18-24" area) at a time.

Allow product to fully dry. DO NOT BUFF OR WIPE OFF. Sit back and relax while Z-CS does the work! Just apply and let dry!

NOTE: Z-CS is extremely durable and should provide up to 9 months of protection for your vehicle. If your goals are maximum shine and maximum protection on everyday vehicles, we recommend 3-4 applications per year. For show car owners, integrating Z-CS with regular use of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO will provide the wettest-looking, deepest, most distortion-free finish you can imagine. For best results, maintain with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal and Z-7 Show Car Wash.



Zaino is proud to build on the success of its line of award winning Zaino Show Car Polish Products with Zaino Z-AIO ALL-IN-ONE. Z-AIO simplifies the task of painted surface maintenance. Z-AIO's versatility on all paint types make it your one source, goto polish. Whether on your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, Z-AIO can be your true SINGLE polish & protectant product.

With an emulsifying cleaner and very mild abrasive, Z-AIO gently cleans and protects while effectively enhancing light refraction and reflectivity for remarkable results. The advanced polymeric substructures within Z-AIO produces optically perfect layers to all paint types, yet also provides excellent adhesion and detergent resistance, resulting in a strong and glossy layer of polymer based synthetic protection.

Z-AIO is an excellent solution for daily driven vehicles. Exposure to environmental elements as well as surface contaminants affect the look and life of your paint.  Contaminants like tree sap, tar, bird droppings, bug remains, road grime, and many other pollutants can be easily removed with Z-AIO.

Z-AIO can either be used by itself, or as an excellent foundation & bonding agent for the full line of advanced Zaino Show Car Polish Products.

Although it is not required, you may follow up Z-AIO with application of any Zaino Show Car Polish protectant, including our new advanced Z-CS Clear Seal, or Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO products.

Z-AIO succeeds and obsoletes Zaino Z-1 Show Car Polish Lok.

• Excellent daily driver solution
• Easy to apply & remove
• Apply by hand or machine
• Safe for all paint types
• Restores dull paint & minor oxidation
• Safely smoothes minor flaws & cleans embedded debris
• Leaves a glossy & strong protective layer
• Excellent base coat setup for optional Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO application
• Does not contain any oils or fillers

The Z-AIO bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml.)


Shake well before using.
Thoroughly wash and dry vehicle as normal.
Apply Z-AIO to our #314 cotton applicator pad. Work Z-AIO into the surface, one section at a time, using form motions, completing entire vehicle. Allow to dry.
Wipe residue, buffing to a super gloss with a high quality 100% soft cotton cloth.
NOTE: Z-AIO is very durable. If your goals are great shine and maximum protection on daily driven  vehicles, we recommend 3-4 applications per year. For best results, maintain with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal and Z-7 Show Car Wash.


Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover

Introducing Zaino Fusion - Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover

For years, visual imperfections such as swirl marks, scuffs, scratches and buffer holograms were the scourge of perfectionists everywhere. They infected vehicles without any discrimination - show cars, daily drivers, imports, domestics and custom vehicles all suffered. But worry no more - Zaino, the world's leader in paint care technology, has the antidote for all of your paint ailments: Zaino Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover ("Z-PC").


• Eliminate common paint defects quickly and easily!
• 100% compatibility with all painted surfaces and Zaino paint products!
• Water-based formula means no mess, no staining, and easy clean up!
• Features the world's first true self-dissolving, fused tri-particulate, diminishing abrasive system
• No fillers or oils
• VOC compliant
• Perfect your paint with Zaino Z-PC Fusion

Featuring the world's first (and only) true, self-dissolving, fused tri-particulate, diminishing abrasive system, Zaino Z-PC Fusion is just what the paint doctor ordered for your vehicle. Whether your paint is suffering from spider-webbing, minor scuffmarks, or a fully developed case of the swirls, Zaino Z-PC Fusion has the cure. And best of all, it works equally well when used by hand or machine, making it as versatile as it is effective!

Thanks to Zaino's advanced, fused tri-particulate, self-dissolving diminishing abrasive system, swirls and other defects are safely removed from your vehicle's paint. The ultra-intelligent abrasives gently and carefully knockdown high spots on your car to reveal an extremely smooth, super-reflective, mile-deep shine. Swirl marks and other blemishes will literally disappear before your eyes, and they will stay away - Zaino Z-PC Fusion contains no fillers or oils.

With Zaino Fusion DAPC, you will be amazed by how deep, glossy, clean, and blemish-free your paint looks, and you will love the compatibility that it provides. Unlike other paint prep products that are typically loaded with cheap oils and fillers, the water-based formula of Zaino Z-PC Fusion requires no washing afterward - just apply and remove Zaino Fusion DAPC and go straight to applying your favorite Zaino Protectant. Further, there is virtually no effort required to apply and remove Zaino Z-PC Fusion. Just wipe it on, work it in (either by hand or machine) and wipe it off.

Zaino Z-PC Fusion is perfect for any type of paint - from single-stage paints to clear-coated finishes to gel-coats; Zaino Z-PC Fusion will bring out the best in your paint. Metallics will sparkle! Pearls will pop! Reds will scream, "Pull me over," and your black paint will never have looked so smooth. It is perfect for domestic cars, European cars and imports. So whether you are driving a super-exotic performance car or just running the kids around town, be confident that no other paint cleaner is as advanced, effective and easy to use as Zaino Z-PC Fusion is.

So say good-bye to swirl marks, scuffs, spider-webbing, and other annoying paint defects. Zaino Z-PC Fusion takes your paint to a whole new level - one that is certain to drive other enthusiasts insane with jealousy!

The Z-PC bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml.)


Note: For best results, use on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight. Product may be used in the sun or on a hot surface, but more dusting and minor streaking may occur.

Wash and dry your vehicle as normal. For best results, precede Zaino Fusion with a thorough claying, using Zaino Z-18 Clay Bar.

For HAND use: apply a small amount of Zaino Z-PC Fusion to a cotton or foam applicator pad (draw an "X" from corner-to corner of your pad). Work a small area (no bigger than 2' X 2') with the Zaino Fusion, using firm motions. Work the product for as long as necessary - stop to occasionally check your progress. Circular motions may be used, but always finish with front-to-back or up-and-down motions. When satisfied with progress, continue to step 4.

For MACHINE use: Can be used by random orbital or (for experienced users) rotary. Select a moderate speed (RO - 4.5; Rotary - 1200rpm) and an appropriate cutting or polishing pad. Apply Zaino Z-PC Fusion to the buffer pad in a "star" pattern. Start machine slowly to reduce sling. Work a small (2' X 2') area with moderate pressure until satisfied with results.

Buff the area clean with a soft, lint-free, non-marring towel. If satisfied with the results, proceed to next section. If more buffing is required, repeat either step 2 or 3. Problem areas like door handles (where keys often scratch) may require a few applications for best results.

When done, apply either: Zaino Z-2 Pro, Zaino Z-3, or Zaino Z-5 to the surface for a long lasting, great looking shine that will lock-in the results of your work with Zaino Fusion DAPC.

Tip: If more "bite" is desired, you can mist a slight amount of clean water (from a spray bottle) while using Z-PC Fusion. The water will interfere with the buffers that encapsulate the abrasives and will produce a slightly stronger result. Water can also be used to minimize dusting when using a machine buffer (random orbital or rotary).


Zaino Bros' Total Protection Show Car Kit

For the ultimate in show car appearance and total protection, here are the Zaino Bros' products that you'll need to make it happen. Included in the Zaino Bros' Show Car Kit are everything pictured including the following:



1. ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
2. Z-2 PRO™ Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes
3. Z-5™ Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches
4. Z-6™ Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray
5. Z-7™ Show Car Wash
6. Z-18™ ClayBar
7. TWO Zaino Bros' Custom Polish Applicator for FREE!

Sorry, we can't make any product substitutions to the Zaino Bros' Show Car Kit.


Zaino Bros' Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit

For the ultimate in show car appearance and total protection, here are the Zaino Bros' products that you'll need to make it happen. Included in the Zaino Bros' Show Car Kit are everything pictured including the following:


1. ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
2. Z-2 PRO™ Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes
3. Z-5™ Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches
4. Z-6™ Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray
5. Z-7™ Show Car Wash
6. Z-9™ Leather Soft Spray Cleaner
7. Z-10™ Leather in a Bottle
8. Z-16™ Perfect Tire Gloss
9. Z-18™ ClayBar
10. TWO Zaino Bros' Custom Polish Applicator for FREE!



A specially designed 100% virgin cotton polish applicator. #314 is approximately 4x 5 inches square, with special reversed stitching to prevent scratching of paint surfaces. The 100% virgin cotton material features the finest texture and softest nap available. The cotton surface surrounds a special silicone free, sponge insert. Slightly dampen applicator with some Z-6 spray or a light mist of water, before applying polish to applicator. This technique will make Show Car Polish spread further and more evenly. After use, hand wash applicator using Liquid All or Tide and let air-dry.


6" Tri-foam Oval Zaino Applicator

Our Tri-foam applicator pad is great for hand use with Z-AIO and Z-PC.  Use the white polishing side of the pad for a little more cleaning or corrective ability in required areas, then flip the pad to the soft black side for finishing off.Photo shows TWO pads, they are sold each.

Note: Some customers like the soft black finishing side of the applicator for use with Z-CS. Any applicator pad used with Z-CS should only be used with Z-CS. See Z-CS product page for details.


Blonde Borderfree Towel (3 pack)

The most LUXURIOUS, SOFT, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE towel available anywhere!

• Unique Borderfree design won’t scratch
• Efficient buffing of product leaving amazing finish
• Safe for all finishes including the finest in the world
• 16" x 16"

GREAT for use with ZAINO detail sprays and for removing ZAINO residues

We've spent years anxiously, but patiently developing the Zaino Borderfree towel. Working directly with textile experts and manufacturers, hundreds of revisions later, we're able to EXCLUSIVELY bring a towel to you that finally meets our standards.

Borders scratch. We analyzed 1000's of towels from every major manufacturer and reseller. We found several available edge treatments including overlocked, serged, blunt cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut, silk edge, microfiber edge, suede edge, satin edge, and many other combinations of style and material. They can all scratch.

Developing a towel to meet our standards of performance and quality has not been easy. The Zaino Borderfree towel is the perfect balance of performance and luxury.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Launder separately in warm water using liquid detergent, without any bleach or softeners. Air dry or tumble dry on low, without any dryer sheets. Do not iron. This towel will not scratch, however trapped grit or debris can scratch. As this towel is manufactured using a unique non-hemmed border-free process, some edge fraying is normal and can be trimmed with scissors.

Made in the USA* of American and imported raw materials
Developed, processed, inspected, and packaged in the USA
Country of Origin: United States of America
*Complies with FTC regulations

 Please e-mail us for more information at Carl@hcvind.com or visit our web site at www.hcvind.com

Thank You,

H. Carl Voellm